Grade 6 Ms. Hindler Curriculum Night Handout 2019-2020  

English Language Arts

1) Uses language to communicate and to learn (33%- Evaluated terms 1 and 3)
2) Reads and listens to spoken, written, and media texts (33%- Evaluated all three terms)
3) Produces written and media texts (34%- Evaluated terms 2 and 3)

Over the course of the school year, students will be working with a variety of Language Arts media. Your child will explore in-depth novel studies, plan, edit, and complete creative writing works, as well as oral presentations, research projects, grammar lessons and other fun activities.

Evaluation rubrics will vary depending upon the assignment.




1) Solves a situational problem (30%- Evaluated terms 2 and 3)
Uses mathematical reasoning (70%- Evaluated all terms)

Decimal Math Program (Pearson ERPI)


Ethics and Religious Culture


1) Reflects on ethical questions (50%- Evaluated terms 1 and 2)
Demonstrates an understanding of the phenomenon of religion (50% Evaluated
Term 3)